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    CLS-Surgimedics is committed to providing education about the hazards of surgical smoke and laser plume.
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Research Articles

The research articles category provides information by numerous authors on the content of surgical smoke and laser plume, the health risks associated with exposure to laser and surgical smoke, the appropriate methods of smoke evacuation and recommendations for smoke evacuation guidelines.

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Surgimedics offers an extensive list of research articles on various aspects of the hazards of smoke plume generated by electrosurgical instruments and lasers. The findings demonstrate conclusively that health professionals do need to protect themselves from the hazards of surgical smoke plume. And that the best way to do this is to use an individual smoke evacuator.

  • Electrosurgical Plume

    Smoke Plume Electrosurgery is an established and well-accepted medical technique. The term includes electrodessication, electrocoagulation, electrodissection, electrocautery, and electrolysis. Many important developments followed teh first crude experiments in 1875 in which the effects of electricty upon living tissue were evaluated. Read More
  • Laser Plume

    Smoke Plume Lasers have assumed an increasingly important role in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery in the past 10 years, with numerous studies in the literature supporting the use of this modality of treatment for various head and neck diseases. Relatively little data, however, exist regarding the effects of the smoke or plume byproducts resulting from this surgery. Read More
  • Smoke Plume

    Smoke Plume When analyzed, smoke from electrosurgical units, commonly known as Bovie smoke, is shown to be quite similar to that of other potentially pathogenic smoke, behaving as a carcinogen, a mutagen and an infectious vector. In addition, particulate matter in smoke is known to have health risks related to inducing inflammatory and allergic responses in susceptible people. Read More
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