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    CLS-Surgimedics is committed to providing education about the hazards of surgical smoke and laser plume.
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Electrosurgical Plume Articles

  • Analysis Of Surgical Smoke And Effect Laproscopic Visibility

    Characterization And Removal Of Electrosurgical Smoke During the Surgical Application of energybased technologies, there is a well-recognized production of "smoke" that can impede surgical progress. The confined spaces associated with laparoscopic procedures have made smoke production a more significant problem. The aerosolized particles can impair visibility by settling on the lens of the laparoscope or by remaining in suspension between the laparoscopic and the surgical objective. Read More
  • Application Of Electrosurgery In Scalp Reduction

    Characterization And Removal Of Electrosurgical Smoke Electrosurgery is an established and well-accepted medical technique. The term includes electrodessication, electrocoagulation, electrodissection, electrocautery, and electrolysis. Many important developments followed teh first crude experiments in 1875 in which the effects of electricty upon living tissue were evaluated. Read More
  • Bovie Smoke - A Perilous Plume

    Characterization And Removal Of Electrosurgical Smoke When analyzed, smoke from electrosurgical units, commonly known as Bovie smoke, is shown to be quite similar to that of other potentially pathogenic smoke, behaving as a carcinogen, a mutagen and an infectious vector. In addition, particulate matter in smoke is known to have health risks related to inducing inflammatory and allergic responses in susceptible people. Read More
  • Carboxyhemoglobin Changes Due To Laser Smoke At Laparoscopy

    Characterization And Removal Of Electrosurgical Smoke Laparoscopic procedures using laser for tissue combustion processes generate smoke. This biphasic aerosol is confined to the abdominal cavity. Respiratory absoption of carbon monoxide causes changes in carboxyhemoglobin levels. Absorption of smoke components throught the peritoneum has not been evaluated. Read More
  • Characterization And Removal Of Electrosurgical Smoke

    Characterization And Removal Of Electrosurgical Smoke Electrosurgical smoke has been recognized as a definite nuisance in the OR for at least a decade and serveral studies imply that viable human bloodborne pathogens can be transferred via smoke plume particulate. These particulates include not only HIV and human papilloma virus, but the probably more pervasive hepatitis and increasingly antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. Read More
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